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timeline : sasha by Eriyonai timeline : sasha :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 1 0 timeline : natsuo by Eriyonai timeline : natsuo :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 3 0 timeline : yuki by Eriyonai timeline : yuki :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 1 0 revisited 2017 : jacinto quinn by Eriyonai revisited 2017 : jacinto quinn :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 0 0 revisited 2017 comparison : jacinto quinn by Eriyonai revisited 2017 comparison : jacinto quinn :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 3 0 timeline : jacinto by Eriyonai timeline : jacinto :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 2 3 timeline : zeke by Eriyonai timeline : zeke :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 1 2 timeline : tevia by Eriyonai timeline : tevia :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 3 4 the indignity : sabaku no gaara by Eriyonai the indignity : sabaku no gaara :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 2 0 commission : akiko by Eriyonai commission : akiko :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 4 1 chibi cast : the boys by Eriyonai chibi cast : the boys :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 4 10 id : eriyonai by Eriyonai id : eriyonai :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 3 5 commission : misha by Eriyonai commission : misha :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 2 2 commission : rynceres by Eriyonai commission : rynceres :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 5 9 valentine's day : gaara x error by Eriyonai valentine's day : gaara x error :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 7 1 this feeling in my chest : gaara x error by Eriyonai this feeling in my chest : gaara x error :iconeriyonai:Eriyonai 16 8



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woah taking commissions again! i mean i never technically closed my last offer but that was forever ago.

so yeah, pretty simple!

Colored Chibi Commissions- $5

like these! (full view)

Mature Content

chibi cast : assorted teenagers by Eriyonai

they will be posed and sized as shown above, unless you request otherwise, which is perfectly fine.

+$2 if you want a background / props, like so!
  chibi harmonica : isaac by Eriyonai

Colored Sketches- $15
lucky fox : tevia by Eriyonai sabaku no : gaara by Eriyonai ghost : eriyonai by Eriyonai
sketchy lineart, fully colored and shaded. super simple background at no extra charge, if you want something more complicated / props etc just let me know, we can talk.

the more reference pictures / description you can provide for what you're after, the better. i'll do fanart, original characters, real people, whatever. don't be shy, just note me!


Commission Slots:

1) :iconanimangeleon: (done!)
2) :iconladywolf2000: (done!)
3) :iconjoelsweet: (done!)
4) :iconarcusofbrambles: (done!)
5) :iconkiosraigeki: (done!)


improving. ♥
United States
slfjs i don't know what to put here any more. i'll edit it at some point. : D


timeline : sasha
fffffffffffffiNALLY omfg

i started this project in early 2016. jesus. did not get much drawing done that year. it's finally OVER. i mean it was fun but fuck. i can draw anything i want now. so excited.

but yeah anyway. sasha. i have never played him at any other age than his fifteenish one, so this was especially fun. i had trouble getting him to stand up straight for this. i kept starting sketches and he'd end up looking all curled and weird and i'd have to erase and start from scratch.

thanks for looking!
sasha belongs to me :iconeriyonai:
timeline : natsuo
oh my goddd finally almost done with this series fuckyeaa
one more after this! like all of these have been, this was super fun to draw. it's great to finally put to paper (sketch to screen?) some of the images that i've had in my head of these characters for so long.
ok that's all from me gonna go start the next one
points if you know who it is
only like one person even reads these probably lmao
ohyea natsuo belongs to :iconeriyonai: that's me yep
timeline : yuki
whew okay it was a rough summer haha. back to drawing again, so here's yuki's timeline finished. i like this one a lot but it's definitely a lil sloppy. jesus, especially the hair. i clearly gave fuckall on the hair. i finished the lineart for this like a year ago or something now tho so it's weird to be only just finishing it.
revisited 2017 comparison : jacinto quinn
woww i actually did it. a month early, even, because i thought i'd done it in june before whoops.

i winced a little rereading my comments from the 2014. a lot of them pretty much echo my feelings this year 'wish i'd improved more, i need to draw more often but at least i'm still doing it, etc'. this comment was not super appreciated tho

'shit though the next time i do this i'm gonna be so old. i had better be a freaking art genius or my life will mean nothing.' - eriyonai 2014


so not exactly an art genius and apparently i'm ancient but i still like this year's jaci the best, so that's something. i feel more good about seeing all those little jacis up there than bad. hope to be back with the next in another three years! it's been almost ten since that first one now, wow.
jacinto belongs to :iconeriyonai: that's mee

blue october and the konoha symbol do not


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